Additional Services Provided

Full-Service Equipment Repairs
Sports Floors Prep and Recoating
Free Employee Training on Equipment
Free Cleaning Equipment Demonstrations

Learn How to Use Your New Equipment

We offer product teaching services throughout Crawfordsville & Lebanon, IN

When we install new cleaning equipment on your site, Crawfordsville Paper Products, Inc. sticks around to teach you how to properly use it. We can teach everyone in the building or just the head custodian.

Our product teaching services allow you to better integrate the new addition into your routine. You don't have to be anxious about getting new, different cleaning equipment. We're here to show you the ropes.

Call now to discuss our product teaching services available in Crawfordsville & Lebanon, IN.

Know all the ins and outs of your new cleaning equipment

Our cleaning equipment installations are efficient and thorough. We'll make sure everything is set up the way it's supposed to be. Then, we'll go over the application and operation of the new equipment in-depth so you don't have any questions left unanswered.

Schedule a cleaning equipment installation today in Crawfordsville & Lebanon, IN.

Smooth Away Surface Imperfections

Take advantage of our Floor Coating services in Crawfordsville & Lebanon, IN

When it comes to maintaining the floor of your gymnasium or basketball court, you want the best people on the job. Crawfordsville Paper Products, Inc. has you covered. We'll carry out floor services according to your schedule.

We can work at odd hours, so your day-to-day activities aren't disturbed, even working over spring break or fall break for schools. We pride ourselves on working efficiently and effectively.

Our floor recoating services will make a big difference in the look and feel of your flooring.