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Keeping your building clean is important for both the appearance and safety of your space. Crawfordsville Paper Products, Inc. makes your job easier by providing local delivery services for cleaning supplies and equipment installations. We provide full-service repairs and maintenance on our cleaning machines, as well as free training and demonstrations for your company.

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Don't leave any dust, dirt or grime behind

Our cleaning machines are state-of-the-art. We carry top-tier products from Kaivac, Pacific, Clarke, SEBO and Pressure Pro. The floor care equipment we sell will completely revolutionize how you clean your floors. Scrub away germs and grime with incredible ease.

Our services are great for:

Food service locations
Government facilities
Industrial buildings
Manufacturing plants
Cleaning companies
Power washers

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What makes Crawfordsville Paper Products right for you?

With over 50 years of combined experience selling, delivering and installing cleaning equipment and supplies, we know how to help out with all kinds of situations. It's easy to order what you want online. We'll bring it to you right away. We offer free cleaning demonstrations for your company so you can see the equipment in action before you purchase.